Who would be Chyno Miranda’s new girlfriend

Actually Chyno miranda It was not the one who came out to introduce his new girlfriend, but it was the program Chisme No Like where some photos of the very caramelized singer were shown.

In a first broadcast, the hosts of the program that is transmitted through YouTube revealed a photo in which you can see the Chyno miranda hugging a young woman from behind. As transcended, it is an image from August 21 of this year.

A few days after that photo, a series of captures appeared where Chyno is seen hugging a woman on a bed. As it turned out, the singer would have been the one who published the images on his WhatsApp status and minutes later he deleted them.

Chyno Miranda’s possible girlfriend Is she or is she not the same girl?

Since none of the protagonists has come out to clarify the situation, various theories have been generated around the photographs.

On the one hand, there are those who say that the girl in the first photo is not the same as the one that appears next to the Chyno miranda in the bed. While others dare to say that it is the same!

According to the Instagram account @artistasveoficial, the woman who would appear in all the photos is called Daymar Mora. Although in the comments of the publication the singer took the time to clarify that this is not the case.

A girl identified with the user @daniiherbacoach wrote: ‘She is not the same’. To which @chynomiranda responded bluntly: ‘No’ The only thing we can assure you is that it is clear that the singer of Chyno and Nacho is already enjoying his singleness again. Meanwhile we will have to wait for him or the passage of time to clarify this whole situation.

For you, is it the same girl who appears in the two photos? The Chyno miranda will have new bride?


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