Who is the pediatrician arrested for harassing a 15-year-old patient?

After learning that the City Police arrested a 61-year-old pediatrician in Belgrano accused of harassing a 15-year-old patient, more details about the alleged assailant appeared. According to research, the doctor would hold conversations with the minor through social networks, where he requested material of a sexual nature.

The identity of the doctor was kept secret during the first hours after his arrest.. However, given the suspicion of the Buenos Aires Justice that more victims would have been attacked, his full name is known.

The accused in question is named Sergio Antonio Scigliano, is specialized in infantile pulmonology and his personal records reveal that he has been an employee of the Buenos Aires government since 2007.

The investigation of the case that led to the arrest was carried out by the division of Cybercrimes Against Children, Children and Adolescents, of the Superintendency of Information Technology, with the intervention of the Specialized Fiscal Unit in Computer Crimes and Contraventions, in charge of the prosecutor Daniela Dupuy.

According to the case, the accused began to contact the minor in March 2020 through Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.He had erotic conversations in order to obtain explicit images and he sought to generate a personal encounter alone with the minor “, revealed the sources consulted.

The family of the harassed patient made the complaint at the end of last October, when the minor told the mother that he wanted to change his pediatrician because “he was a pedophile and he was rotten.”

Over the course of the investigation, se verified that the defendant’s internet connections originated from an address in Belgrano, the fiscal address of Scigliano. Also, it was determined that the man was a pediatrician and that in addition to his state employment, he had a private practice in that area of ​​the City of Buenos Aires.

Faced with the tests, the Court of First Instance in Criminal Matters, Misconduct and Misdemeanors No. 15, in charge of Karina Giselle Andrade, issued the search warrant for the doctor’s home, in order to secure his arrest and seize material of interest to the cause.

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