Who did Tania Rincón marry and how was the wedding?

The gorgeous presenter Tania Rincon have 34 years is a host and presenter widely recognized for her work on the morning show Come the joy. In the month of September he celebrated his tenth wedding anniversary and that is why he showed off a couple of dreamy photos remembering how his wedding.

Through her Instagram account, Tania shared a very emotional photograph and as if that were not enough she dedicated an extensive and loving message to her husband thanking him for so many teachings.

“10 years of marriage are neither too long nor too little. They are enough to reaffirm that we make the best decision to accompany us and be accomplices in personal dreams and together. In all this time together I have not stopped learning from you for a single day Dani, “was what the Rincón publication said.

Who did Tania Rincón marry?

Many wonder who is the husband of Tania Rincon And what do you do, but first it is worth mentioning that the couple got married in 2019. Both have told it on multiple occasions, because it was all a love story. They met when the driver was very young and it all started with a beautiful friendship until they finally fell in love.


Over the years, their love has become very strong, to the point of deciding to marry. Tania Rincón married Daniel Pérez Farías, as is his full name, although he uses his second surname less.

He is 40 years old and unlike Tania, he is not at the center of the show, although he is always by her side, accompanying her and supporting her in all her projects. Above all, it is worth noting that it is he who gives you – according to her – the best advice to continue being successful.

For its part, Daniel Perez In these years he has been quite popular on Instagram sharing aspects of his personal, professional and daily life. He already has thousands of followers and shows that he loves doing a lot of sports.

As for Tania, having been married for 10 years now, she boasts of the love she has for Daniel not only as her life partner, but also as the father of her children.

They have managed to form a beautiful family. In fact, they already have 2 children named Patricio and Amelia.

Tania Rincón and Daniel Farías How was your wedding?

The truth is that it did not transcend much how their wedding was at that time. However, the spectacular dress that Tania wore that special day was seen. It should be remembered that on September 3 they turned 10 married and they celebrated it with a lot of love.

Yes, when you remember how was your wedding, a path to the past is made and it can be assured that the joy reached Michoacán. And it is that, Tania Rincon At that time he was 24 years old and he moved to his homeland to get married.

It was an emotional ceremony that took place in the Sanctuary of the Lord of Mercy. They were accompanied by their family and friends, and there finally the couple vowed eternal love.

When it was time to celebrate, all the guests accompanied the couple to a well-known party room located in La Piedad in Michoacán and there the party turned out to be everything they dreamed of. In fact, it all ended in the wee hours of the morning.

10 years after that wedding dreamlike, Tania Rincon and Daniel Perez they continue to bet on love and thus they celebrated it in their aluminum weddings. What do you think about this pair? Look how pretty they look.

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