Who are winning the PASO 2021?

This Sunday the Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primaries (PASO). The Juntos party took a clear advantage over the ruling party in the national election and is positioned as the main force in the face of general elections of November 14 to renew half of the members of the Chamber of Deputies and a third of Senate of the Nation.

With the 97.3% of polling stations scrutinized Throughout the national territory, the opposition coalition Juntos obtained 40.06% of the votes of the register for Deputies and made a significant difference to Front of All, who stayed with him 30.99% of the votes. In this way, the opposition plans to obtain 61 of the 127 seats that will be renewed next November.

Meanwhile, with the 97.91% of the scrutiny, Together for Change stayed the 43.51% of the electorate Meanwhile he Front of All stayed with him 27,79%. Of the 24 stands senators to be renewed in the general elections, it is projected that the opposition would keep 14 of them, the ruling party 9 and the Tercera Vía coalition with 1.

President Alberto Fernandez he was one of the first to acknowledge the defeat of his party at the national level. He did it in the ruling party bunker where he appeared with the vice president Cristina Kirchner, the candidate for Deputy Victoria Tolosa Paz and the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof.

There are demands that we have not adequately satisfied. Starting tomorrow we are going to work for the Argentines to join us. The campaign has just started and in November, we have to win. The country needs not to go back”, Fernández pointed out in his speech as the sole speaker.

For his part, the candidate for Deputy of Together in the Province of Buenos de Aires Diego Santilli he won the internship to Facundo Manes and he will be the candidate in the next elections. In that sense, he was satisfied with the result and asked that his party be more united in the face of what is to come.

Today I want to start by saying a huge THANK YOU. Thank you to all who came to vote today in this very special election, in the midst of a pandemic. To those who trusted us and voted for us, thank you very much for trusting in this team and in the proposals that we think together to transform the Province“, expressed in his Twitter account the Buenos Aires deputy head of government.

And I add; “Thanks also to those who did not join us. Thank you for going to vote and for expressing your ideas during this campaign, which always help us to improve. We are going to continue touring the Province to listen to them and represent them.“.

In this context, another representative of Juntos who made statements after the first official results were known was the candidate for Deputy for the City of Buenos Aires Maria Eugenia Vidal.

The former Governor of the province of Buenos Aires prevailed within her party with the 32.93% of the votes, before your competitors Ricardo López Murphy and Adolfo Rubinstein, He thanked voters for their trust and stressed that “the first step” has been taken but that it still needs to be achieved.

Thanks. There is no turning back now. Tonight we begin to recover the future and hope. There is still a long way to go, but we took the first step; the most important of all“emphasized the candidate for Congressman for Together for Change.

However, one of the big winners in this election was the economist Javier Milei. Your party La Libertad Avanza achieved 13.66% of voters in the City of Buenos Aires and not only does he secure a seat in the National Congress, but in his first election his coalition is positioned as the third force in the district.

Our group is called La Libertad Avanza, and boy did freedom advance. Back when we were in Holland Square I told them that I did not come here to guide lambs, I came to wake up lions and the lions are waking up “said the liberal candidate after the first official election data was known.

And continued: “This is only the first step in the search for national reconstruction, to return to a power Argentina. We are in the Argentina of 50 and 50. 50 percent inflation and 50 percent poor. If we don’t make a 180 degree change, we are going to be the world’s largest slum.

Finally, once the pre-candidates of the PASO 2021 are elected, they will be formally the candidates for the 2021 Legislatures. On September 30 they will be able to reopen the electoral campaign and on October 10 the spots on radio and TV will return. The vote will be on Sunday, November 14, where 127 male and female deputies will be elected throughout the country and 24 senators and senators in 8 provinces.

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