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Who are the mysterious VIPs of the series

Who are the mysterious VIPs of the series

‘The Squid Game’ It has become a real sensation. A violent Korean drama that mixes childhood nostalgia with large amounts of death, the series has exceeded all expectations for become the most successful show in Netflix history. Overnight it has returned to world stars to its main cast. Of course, with some notable exceptions.

“Why is the English performance of ‘The Squid Game’ so bad?Asked a recent headline, echoing the sentiment of hundreds of tweets and memes. The culprits are the “VIPs”, four masked English-speaking billionaires who watch the action from afar and place bets on the outcome of the carnage. For the detractors, the performance of the VIPs in ‘Squid Game’ it’s gimmicky and mannered, and it takes them out of the show. But who are the people behind the masks?

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Geoffrey Giuliano as VIP 4

“I have written more books about the Beatles than anyone on this planet!”, ensures Geoffrey Giuliano for The Guardian. You know him as VIP four, the only member of the group to remove his mask (along with the rest of his clothes) on the show. Giuliano was recruited after impressing producers with his role in the 2020 Korean horror sequel ‘Train to Busan Presents: Península’ but, before that, he was best known as an author. He is responsible for 32 books of the Liverpool Quartet.

As for the negative comments about her role in ‘The Squid Game’, a Giuliano they don’t matter to him.

I’m not complaining, baby! I’m on the hottest show in the world. I have fan emails. Just today I received a woman who said to me: ‘Send me your autograph.’ So I did it, and two hours later he sent me a photo in which he had ‘Geoffrey Giuliano, VIP four’ tattooed, right on his forearm.

Via The Guardian.

Daniel C. Kennedy as VIP 2

Daniel C Kennedy, who plays VIP two, doesn’t feel as celebrated. It has been acting constantly in Korea since 2014, but he’s very open about the sting of the criticism he’s faced.

I suffer from extreme clinical depression so it has been a bit difficult. At first, the comments tore me apart, but with time and distance, and with honest self-reflection, I have been able to better filter the reviews to improve next time, rather than the ones that occur when you are part of a project that receives recognition. world.

Via The Guardian.

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John D. Michaels como VIP 1

Between these two poles is John D. Michaels, who plays VIP one. Michaels, an affable, bearded fifty-year-old who has made a living acting in Korea during the last five years; usually as a military or career politician, he is the most willing to contextualize criticism.

“I think that the first thing to eliminate is that myth that they take us off the street”, dice Michaels, noting that all the roles he has played have come to the end of a long audition process. In addition to his work on the screen, Michaels he also writes and directs, and has years of experience as a performer.

Although in the first season of ‘The Squid Game’ The identity of the VIPs is never revealed, as only the face of one of them is briefly shown; some viewers may have recognized the voices behind the masks. Several of the VIP actors have participated in other projects, mainly in Korean film and television. Three of the actors –David lee (VIP 3), Stephane Word (VIP 5) and Michael Davis (VIP 6) – have little or no other acting credit.