Who are the 16 PRI deputies who reject the electricity reform proposed by AMLO

MEXICO CITY.-Of the 71 deputies Federal Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), 16 would vote against the initiative from reform constitutional law of Andrés Manuel López Obrador on electric.

This could define the course of the reform since if the presidential proposal is rejected in its terms, this would not reach the qualified majority to be approved.

The 16 deputies who have spoken out against or found adverse points are:

New Lion: María de Jesús Aguirre Maldonado, Karina Marlen Barrón Perales, Andrés Mauricio Cantú Ramírez, Juan Francisco Espinoza Eguia, José Luis Garza Ochoa, Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal and Marcela Guerra Castillo.

Coahuila: Yericó Abramo Masso, Cristina Amezcua González, Jaime Bueno Zertuche, Shamir Fernández Hernández, Rodrigo Fuentes Ávila, José Antonio Gutiérrez Jardón and Tereso Medina Ramírez.

Mexico state: Laura Barrera Fortoul.

Veracruz: José Francisco Yunes Zorrilla.

Reform would not reach two thirds of the 500 legislators that make up the plenary session

It should be remembered that to approve a constitutional reform 333 votes are required in the Chamber of Deputiess. Among the members of Brunette and allies of PT and the PVEM add up to 277 legislators, so that 56 additional votes would be needed to endorse the reform proposed by AMLO.

However, López Obrador warned that his government will not deliver new concessions to exploit lithium regardless of whether or not its reform to nationalize this mineral is approved.

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