Who are Livia Brito’s parents and what is their relationship like?

Nobody imagines it! Cuban actress Livia Brito made her debut in Mexico and came to work with her father on a very successful Netflix series. We tell you how it all happened and who he is.

Cuban actress Livia Brito Pestana have 35 years Besides being gorgeous and charismatic, she is a talented artist who debuted in Mexico in 2010. She became much more known from the role she played Fernanda Sandoval in the telenovela “Triunfo del amor”.

Few probably know, but Livia Brito inherited the artistic streak of her father, Rolando Brito, who is also an actor. In fact, they didn’t just work once, but twice. The occasion on which they coincided years ago was in the melodrama “De que te quiero te quiero” in 2013.

Also, it is worth remembering that where they shared credits was in the very successful series that is already in Netflix, “The pilot” (Univisión). A story where the Cuban actress starred Yolanda.

“SOURCE: Mag El Comercio”

Livia herself told in an interview for People in spanish: “I spoke to the person in charge of the casting of the series and I told him ‘hey my dad is an actor, we can still do a casting to see if you want to work with him’.

And so it was that his father took on the role of a very important character in the series where he is called Captain Argüelles. Beyond that he does not have much contact with the character of the actress -until almost the end of the series-, It made her very happy to be able to work with her father.

Faced with the uncertainty of who are Livia Brito’s parents and what is their relationship like, the aforementioned reveals that the actress gets along very well with both, but with her father – it is even unthinkable – but he himself is the one who often asks her for acting advice.

Notably Rolando Brito Rodríguez is a Cuban actor highly recognized, as well as his mother, a professional graduated dancer from the National School of Dramatic Art in Havana in 1983.

For her part, Brito said that she emigrated to Mexico when she was just a child, but she keeps the best memories of her childhood in Cuba. “I climbed trees, played marbles, jumped, always arrived full of mud, made little houses in the trees … I had a lot of friends”

Now, at 35, the actress is proud of her journey and grateful to her parents for having always accompanied and supported her in fulfilling her dreams. Did you already know who the parents from Livia Brito and how is your relationship?

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