Who are Andrea Legarreta’s brothers

Andrea Legarreta She is very close to her family and on many occasions she showed all the love she feels for her mother, Isabel Martínez. But the host of “Hoy” does not miss the opportunity to share with her followers her affection for her two brothers, Juan Carlos and Mauricio Legarreta, with whom he has an excellent relationship.

The Mexican is very emotional when it comes to her family for the “sweet” childhood she had and she thanked her parents several times for having given the three of them a loving and comfortable environment. This made Andrea, Juan Carlos and Mauricio very close and assured that life “is more beautiful when they are together.”

“They, a couple of the most beautiful reasons for which I thank God for so many blessings. My Juanki and my Mauri, my loved ones brothers, my companions of life, of games, of joys and also in the most difficult moments, always together, my precious ones “, he published Andrea Legarreta on social media during a family event.

And she added: “Proud of the men that they are, and especially of the beings they have become over time. Thank you for teaching me that women can also be rude, tender, strong and sweet, warriors and ladies …”

None of them are part of the show business, but Mauricio Legarreta He is known for being a Guerrero deputy and very active on social networks, where he has more than 30,000 followers. “Today I congratulate with all my love the best sister that could have touched me, you are a wonderful woman in all aspects, I love you Andreita and today and I always wish you the best that life has prepared for you, happy birthday,” he wrote wing driver on July 12.

Until recently, Andrea Legarreta She was the only star in her family (not counting her husband Erik Rubín), but now her daughters follow in her footsteps. Mía Rubín, 16, launched herself as a singer like her father, while Nina Rubín, 14, debuted in her first telenovela “Te acuerdas de me.”

Did you know the brothers from Andrea Legarreta?

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