"While you were celebrating, my son was dying": the repudiation of the party in Olivos at the polls

While the tables were scrutinized in a school in the province of Buenos Aires, a prosecutor from Juntos por el Cambio opened an envelope containing a strong message against the ruling party, which went viral on social networks.

And it is that, the text that replaced a ballot, made direct allusion to the birthday party of the first lady, Fabiola Yáñez, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic: “While you were celebrating, my son died (with) only 42 years” , expressed the written paper with magazine clippings.

The prosecutor, María Laura Canziani, impressed, shared the photo on social networks, along with the text: “The most painful vote”, achieving great repercussion.

“My heart stopped when I saw it,” he commented in the exchange with other users.

According to Canziani, the envelope only contained the message of pain, without any ballot, so the vote was considered invalid.

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