Which Princess Diana jewels Meghan Markle kept and which Kate Middleton

Princess Diana She is remembered among many things, for having had an extensive collection of jewelry, which today belongs to the wives of her children, Prince William and Prince Harry. Have you noticed this detail? Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle They wear Lady Di’s most beloved jewels and why is very interesting.

Since Lady Diana Spencer became a member of British royalty, her most elegant and sophisticated outfits could not be missing above, so the Queen isabel II lent him some of the finest pieces in his collection. As time went by, Princess Diana was forming her own jewelry series.

The first wife of the Prince carlos She lived great media moments next to her finest and most recognized jewels, which is why her most iconic outfits were captured in hundreds of photographs that we can still admire. Thanks to these images, we can also realize that his daughters-in-law, the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex, they have been the heirs of his most brilliant belongings.

Although this happened relatively indirectly, because when the village princess died that morning of August 31, 1997, his jewelry collection It was handed over to his two sons, Prince William and Prince Henry, along with a special request for young people to make use of the pieces when they saw fit.

The words that Diana of Wales He left written in a letter of wishes clearly they said: “I would like you to add all my jewelry to the part that my children will have, so that their wives can, in due course, have and use them.” By this we mean that it was an “indirect” inheritance; however, fate said they were for Meghan Markle and Catherine Middleton.

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The Princess of Wales Jewels Division

Lady Di left to the consideration of her children with Carlos de Gales the way their jewels would be distributed. For example, the story goes that Prince Henry chose to keep his mother’s iconic engagement ring, the blue sapphire with diamonds, but when he learned that his older brother would propose to Kate Middleton, he gave it to her for her to wear. .

From the announcement of their engagement and to date, the duchess of cambridge has been photographed using the Princess Diana’s most famous ring in her left hand, with which she was once again the center of attention for her beauty and sentimental charge. It is even known that the sale of blue sapphires around the world increased significantly.

The engagement ring that Meghan Markle received from the prince henry It also has a strong connection to Diana of Wales, as two diamonds from the late royal’s jewelry collection were included in its manufacture, while its center stone came from Botswana, a place that is special for the dukes of sussex.

But Meghan de Sussex has also been seen wearing a popular aquamarine ring that belonged to Lady Diana after marrying Prince Harry. Both she and Kate Middleton have worn many of the Princess of Wales earrings and necklaces that were inherited from her two descendants.

Pearls were indispensable pieces in the jewelry of Diana, Princess of Wales and the ones she had now have been worn by Catherine of Cambridge, as well as sapphire earrings that seem to be the set of her engagement ring. Meghan Markle was seen wearing diamond and gold butterfly earrings from Lady Di.

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