Which parent are you according to your zodiac sign?

According to parenting sites there are four main types of parents: permissive, authoritarian, disengaged or democratic. What we of course prefer the enlightened opinion of the celestial vault, the proof by twelve. Obviously, parents of pets are also concerned.

Aries: the cheerleader parent

You are your child’s biggest fan. And is it really your fault that everything he does is wonderful? You are also planning to release an album compiling all the songs you invent for him. In terms of tensions, you build up pressure as quickly as you come down: if your child isn’t resentful like the Taurus, everything should be fine.

Taurus: the bon vivant parent

Like Molly Weasley in “Harry Potter”, you always find your children hungry. This is why you make sure that their binder always contains a comfortable ratio of supplies to food. You also read somewhere that the nap is a cure for just about everything and you don’t hesitate to overdo it. Your watchwords: snacks and sleep in.

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Gemini: the accomplice parent

You yourself have remained in close contact with your inner child: if there is a candy fight in the living room, it is likely that it is you who initiated it. With you, the “thumb” does not exist and you are able to wake them up at night for a good joke. Creative, at home we do not make board games: we invent them.

Cancer: the protective parent

“Tell me if you’re bothered in the yard, okay?” In which case, the Cancer parent will personally provide the bullying appropriate to the age and crime of said tyrant. Even if it means stealing his snack: zero pity. Whether your baby bird is ten or 40 years old, the close guard protocol will remain the same, because in your eyes, your child will always have baby teeth.

Leo: the born parent

With their natural authority, Leo doesn’t need to raise their voice, although they do love it. A raised eyebrow and everyone (adults included) goes straight. Everyone listens to you except Aquarians, that goes without saying. As your children are an extension of you, you also make sure that they are always the best dressed in the playground.

Virgo: the helicopter parent

Homework, activities, outings: Virgo leaves nothing to chance and needs to keep her eye on everything at all times. The sign is associated with the field of health, you monitor (very) closely that of your offspring. The morning cocooning ritual? Heart-shaped pancakes, taking blood pressure and pulse. Your parenting style: cuddles and hypochondria.

Libra: the parent mediator

You are the great negotiator in crisis situations: if your daughter takes the pesto sauce away from your favorite blouse, you will settle the dispute out of court and there will be no lawsuits. An outstanding speaker, you pass off her blunders for creativity at school and your passive-aggressive side flourishes fully during parent-teacher meetings.

Scorpio: the extra-lucid parent

You see everything, hear everything and you know everything. Your children call you among themselves “the eye of Sauron” in reference to the “Lord of the rings”. But no gift of ubiquity here: the Scorpio parent just combines a sense of observation worthy of a panther and a reinforced instinct. You see nonsense happening before your monsters even think about it.

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Sagittarius: the permissive parent

You proclaim to whoever wants to hear it (and even to others) that the only school that is worthwhile is that of life. You make sure that your foals make their own discoveries and the mistakes that go with them. You and your talent for imitating bird songs eclipse the teacher when accompanying the green classes, earning you insane popularity among the CE2s.

Capricorn: the empowering parent

Your children have a bank account in their name at the cradle and when they are old enough to count: each one scrupulously draws up an inventory of their toys and colored pencils. You are seen as a strict parent, to which you respond that they will be able to get by without you, and probably very rarely in the open.

Aquarius: the unconventional parent

In your eyes, authority is a residue of the monarchy. At home, everything is put to the vote and if the ballot says that tonight is (again) breakfast at dinner: the people have spoken. You favor alternative education methods and you emphasize autonomy and critical thinking. Sunday activity? Build a rocket. Without the instructions, of course.

Pisces: the fusional parent

Hyper empathetic, you are convinced that from birth, an invisible bond allows you to feel everything your children feel. When they scratch your knee at the prisoner bullet you are sure to see a bruise appear on your own knee and you have the same nightmares at the same time. Your youngest consoles you gladly.

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