Which groups should prioritize the use of COVID screening tests? IMSS responds

Zoé Robledo, general director of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), took up the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) that tests to diagnose COVID-19 be used rationally, emphasizing that priority should be given to people who may present serious symptoms, and stated that The COVID Permit must be authorized by employers.

In a video posted on her social networks, Zoé Robledo highlighted that in a context characterized by a rapid rise in COVID-19 cases an abrupt increase in diagnostic tests, WHO issued a series of guidelines for national authorities.

“The WHO issues an alert to recommend the implementation and continuity of sampling strategies that include prioritization criteria for the use of diagnostic tests for COVID-19. The recommendation it is valid for antigen tests and PCRs. “

The official mentioned that the use of diagnostic tests is recommended in all cases with indication of hospitalization for respiratory symptoms, respiratory symptoms in patients belonging to the group at risk of disease worsening, health professionals with respiratory symptoms and in patients who need to be hospitalized for other reasons, according to the norm of each country.

He stressed that the situations for which tests are not recommended are in asymptomatic persons, including contacts, as a requirement to leave isolation or to access public places.

“In the case of people who require the test as an element to find their incapacity for work, when they have mild symptoms, This test is not necessary and that is why we apply the COVID permit. The COVID permit is legal and must be authorized by the work centers “, highlighted Zoé Robledo.

He indicated that priority must be given to the people who are most important, “those who want to prevent a serious condition from reaching the hospital and having their lives compromised, that is why it is important to follow these guidelines to the letter,” he said.



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