Where was Bárbara Bermudo born?

Barbara Bermudo currently has 46 years And not only is she a renowned journalist, but according to the 2007 cover of the magazine People in spanish is within “The 50 most beautiful people” in the world.

Barbara is one of those unforgettable faces because of her beauty, but also because she already has many used to seeing themselves on television, and that is because she was a presenter for 15 years of the program First impact.

The 46-year-old Puerto Rican communicator has always found many ways to reinvent herself, she even dedicated herself to encouraging other women to fulfill their professional dreams.

While many wonder where Bárbara Bermudo was born, first it is interesting to know that above all, she is a great woman, wife, businesswoman and full-time mom. As if that were not enough, she is a woman who has a lot of faith and those who know her have always kept her feet on the ground.

Bárbara Bermudo is Puerto Rican. Where was she born?

Thanks to his impeccable career and being in constant communication with his audience – through social networks – he was never carried away by fame. Faced with the uncertainty of Where Bárbara Bermudo was born, it is known that the Puerto Rican model was born in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico on June 5, 1975.

Always very attached to her parents, Bermudo enjoys family moments. For her part, the mother is Puerto Rican and her father is Cuban. At every opportunity he can, he says he feels like a “carbon copy” of Mrs. Magali, his mother.

Precisely for TVyNovelas He admitted: “It’s incredible, because when you’re growing up and without thinking, sometimes you say that you don’t want to look like one of your parents and I said so … However, now I am your copy in all aspects.”

Barbara always remembers how her parents shared responsibilities and affirms that their example is what makes her a great stepmother. This is probably why it comes naturally to her – and with total dedication – to be a good mother with the children of her first marriage, Mario Andrés Moreno.

On behalf of the parents, both have made a great sacrifice for Barbara to be a professional and receive her at The American University in Washington DC, where I study journalism.

Beyond being recognized for her beauty and professionalism, Barbara Bermudo she is very proud of Where was he born and everything he did to be who he is today. Although it does not cease to dazzle us with its beauty and privileges, it is charming and humble, don’t you think?

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