When they captured Vicente Carrillo Fuentes ‘El Viceroy’ in Torreón

In a joint operation carried out in October 2014 by federal authorities in Keep, and without a single shot, the capture of Vicente Carrillo Fuentes “El Viceroy”, head of the Juarez Cartel, who was said to frequently visit La Laguna to visit his sentimental partner, which facilitated the intelligence operation that ended with his arrest.

When the truck he was driving was stopped on the Independence Boulevard at the height of the Mixteco Knot, it did not attract the attention of citizens passing through the busy avenue, since the operation, in addition to being discreet, was made up of few elements of the federal police.

At first Carrillo Fuentes identified himself with a driver’s license in the name of Jorge Sánchez Mejía, but a few minutes after he felt discovered, he confessed his true identity.

The drug trafficker, sentenced to 28 years in prison this week by a Mexican federal judge and on whom an extradition request from the United States justice weighs, was captured in Torreón while he was traveling in a red truck to which he made the high a catch of the Federal police. He wore blue jeans, a blue shirt and a hat, to pretend to be working on a ranch.

They offered $ 5 million for information on his whereabouts

After the arrest, Mexican army personnel guarded the Francisco Sarabia International Airport for more than two hours, while the transfer of “El Viceroy” to the Mexico City. At the time of his capture, the US government offered a reward of 5 million dollars for information that would help his apprehension.

One of the first known images of the capo’s arrest in Torreón was released by journalist Joaquín López Doriga through his Twitter account,

After the death of his brother Amado Carillo Fuentes “The Lord of the heavens”, occurred in 1997 after a failed surgical intervention, “El Viceroy” took charge of the Juarez Cartel. A year ago, his brother Alberto Carillo Fuentes had been arrested in Tepic, Nayarit, which had weakened the operation of the criminal organization.

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