When can I go back to work if I had COVID?

In recent days, cases of COVID-19 have skyrocketed across the country, so people have taken their precautions to avoid catching the new omicron variant.

Regarding workers, they continue to use the indications that were made known at the beginning of the pandemic, such as the use of mask, hand washing, use of gel antibacterial, take care of its healthy distance of 1.5 meters, among others.

Similarly, a basic recommendation for those infected with COVID-19 is to isolate themselves, so as not to spread the virus to others and wait for the infectious stage to end.

But how long should I be quarantined with the omicron variant?

The Secretary of Health announced at the beginning of the pandemic to remain in quarantine for 14 days to avoid contagion among citizens, but the infectologist and former Influenza Tsar, Alejandro Macías, announced through his Twitter account that the variant omicron it develops in patients at a faster rate.

“Previously healthy people who have covid after January 1, let’s assume you have the omicron variant; get in fast and get out fast.”

He added that people can return to work on the “eighth day” after the onset of symptoms, and mentioned that if they continued to isolate those infected during the 14 days that were initially indicated, “we will run out of people to work.”

“It is reasonable that they can go back to work on the eighth day after the onset of symptoms. If we isolate them 14, we will run out of people to work with.”

One of the recent cases happened this Wednesday with Aeroméxico, where they had to suspend 97 flights, since several of its workers, both pilots and flight attendants They are infected with COVID-19.



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