WhatsApp will suspend accounts: why? What are the reasons?

Sending messages repeatedly to unscheduled recipients, being blocked by several users in a short time, sending spam information or sharing dangerous links, will be reasons why WhatsApp may temporarily or permanently suspend an account.

Through a statement, the messaging platform, owned by Facebook, published the new conditions to remain as a user on its official website.

Among other conditions that were listed as possible to be penalized will be that the cell phone user is identified as a minor or that he has installed extensions of applications generated by third parties, as is the case with WhatsApp Plus: this software that allows you to send photos without limits , creating groups with a greater number of members or hiding the statuses is not an official extension.

What not to do

1- Send spam (repetitive and massive messages)

2- Being blocked by many accounts

3- Sending deceptive messages (malware viruses, sharing pornography, illegal material)

4- Use unauthorized apps (Plus or GB WhatsApp)

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