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In this sense, according to the information on the ‘WABetaInfo’ portal, the Meta team works on new functionsAlthough some of them are still under development, it is believed that they will begin to be implemented next year.

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Hide the last connection to specific contacts: According to the aforementioned portal, Meta is updating the privacy settings, so that it is possible to choose who can see some data such as the last connection and the profile photo.

Time limit to delete a message: so far a person can delete a message sent in a period of 7 minutes, but with the change that Meta is developing, it seeks to expand that limit.

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Instagram Reels: Although it is true that videos can be played in the states, the application works so that Instagram reels can be viewed directly on WhatsApp.

Option to read later– Archived chats will be changed to read later. According to ‘WABetaInfo’, the conversations that are saved to read later, will remain in a kind of folder that will appear at the top of the chat, but once there, no more notifications will be received from that contact.

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Communities: They are like groups, only in this case the administrators have greater control of the conversation and will be able to set up subgroups within it.

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