what you should know about the new Caracol novel

Snail Television generated great expectations with the announcement of the premiere of the bio-soap opera ‘Arelys Henao, I sing so as not to cry’, inspired by the life story of the ‘queen of popular music’.

Since the end of 2021, we began to know a little more about this production that stars the talented actress Mariana Gomez, remembered for her character as Irma in ‘The Queen of Flow’.

The channel explained that the novel is “based on the most momentous events in the singer’s life”, where topics such as machismo, violence, forced displacement, among others, are discussed.

Its first chapter premiered last Tuesday, January 11, and the scenes aroused nostalgia and admiration in the audience, who applauded the cast and script through the different digital platforms.

Arelys Henao remembers her past with pain

In an interview for the Caracol Radio program ’10AM Hoy por Hoy’, Arelys Henao He talked about the bio-soap and confirmed that it was a true story, “It is the reality of the war in Colombia”, express.

The artist recalled that she began studying at the age of 11 and it was not easy at all due to the economic difficulties her family faced, in addition to the violence in the country.

“My father was a wonderful man, very protective of his family. He did not agree at the beginning of my career with my singing. For her part, my mother was a very brave woman, we lived through many episodes of violence”, featured on the radio show.

Among the events that marked her life is a confrontation between armed groups for 12 hours, during which anguish invaded her and she still cannot forget that past.

“I did not want to carry a rifle because it was not the correct way to fulfill my dreams. I was always radical with my position, there were many groups that predominated in the area”, He mentioned about the proposals he received to be part of these criminal groups.

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Talents participating in ‘Arelys Henao, I sing so as not to cry’

Mariana gomez he is the one who gives life to the artist. As part of the cast is also Ana Maria Perez (María, Arelys’s mother), Juan Sebastian Calero (his father), the musician and actor Felipe Bernedette (Jerónimo), Daniel Mira (Martin), Anderson Ballesteros (Duck), Alejandra Duque (Gabriela), Yuri vargas (Yazmin), Simon Savi (Samuel).

To the list are added José Ramón Barreto (Wilfredo), Victoria Ortiz (Clara Inés), Sebastian Giraldo (Fernando), Luis Eduardo Motoa (Tano), Maria Jose Correa (Alba), among other great talents.

What time does the Arelys Henao bio-soap begin?

‘Arelys Henao, I sing to not cry’ is broadcast after the musical imitation contest ‘My name is’, that is, from 9:30 pm

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