What you should avoid when it comes to action in bed

Men do not always express what they like or dislike in intimacy, either out of pain or fear, but there are certain attitudes from their partner that can annoy them and prevent them from enjoying the action in bed. Experts share some behaviors that women should avoid in order for both of them to enjoy a satisfying intimate life.

Trust and communication are the key for intimate relationships to be satisfactory and pleasant, therefore, specialists recommend couples express their needs and desires, but also list some behaviors that women should avoid when taking action in bed:

The lack of desire

No person likes to be intimate with someone who shows little desire in bed. It can become frustrating, unsatisfying, affect self-esteem and make the other feel that they are only doing it out of obligation, not pleasure.

Make them passive

It is important that both members of the couple are involved in the pursuit of pleasure. It has been shown that men are bothered to feel that they bear all the responsibility for the act and that women are there to analyze their performance. Therefore, women should be less passive and have the same level of involvement.

That they are shy

According to specialists, the prudery of women when it comes to action in bed can drive their partner crazy because it is difficult for them to understand how the desire of the body and the obstacles of the mind enter into combat, compromising the fluidity of the moment. The ideal is to let yourself go and not control or contain your desire.

That they do not show their desire

Various studies have shown that men love it when their partners show them that they want intimacy and hint at their desire. For them, there is nothing more provocative and exhilarating than a woman excited for action between the sheets.

Do not dare to explore

It is important to explore other poses or places so that intimate relationships do not become boring and unsatisfying. They must experience new things, seek different sensations that provide greater pleasure to both of them so that they can enjoy a full and satisfying life as a couple.

That they pretend

Many women believe they are experts in the art of pretending during intimate relationships, however, their performance can be discovered and deeply disturb their partner. When they pretend, it is very likely that the couple finds out and loses the desire. So there is no need to waste time and energy pretending when you can both genuinely enjoy yourself.

That they get confused by name

When women say a name other than their partner’s name during intimate relationships, the pleasure ends. According to specialists, it is something that happens more than you think and it is totally overwhelming. During the act it is important that both of you feel unique and important and emotionally connected.

That they touch the same places

Women enjoy when their partner listens and fulfills their demands in intimacy, but they do not always do the same. According to experts, in addition to their intimate areas, men want their partner to explore other parts of their body, which if stimulated correctly can give much more pleasure.

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