What would Maribel Guardia’s will look like and who would inherit her fortune

Most likely, most already know that Maribel guard had covid and suffered a lot from the disease. However, the 62-year-old actress surprised with a particular confession: it was so bad that she even thought about making her will. On this occasion, we will tell you what he would be like and who his heirs would be. To continue; the details.

Maribel Guardia. Source: Instagram Maribel Guardia (/ maribelguardia)

Maribel Guardia and her intentions to make a will

At 62 years old, Maribel guard continues to dazzle with its beauty. However, she also seems to be preoccupied with one of the most momentous issues in life, such as death.

In this regard, it must be said that, although today he is in good health, at the end of last year he had a very bad time, when contracted coronavirus with her current husband, Marco Chacón.

So much so that, according to his own words, he thought he was going to die. In line with this, she expressed in a dialogue with the Hoy program that she asked her son and her husband to bring her a lawyer so that she could make a will.

At the time, Chacón and Julián Figueroa, fruit of his relationship with Joan Sebastian, they denied this request, since they trusted that Guardia would come out of this difficult situation. In effect, the artist managed to overcome covid-19, although she was left with several side effects.

What would Maribel Guardia’s will look like and who would be its beneficiaries

For now, it is not known if Guardia’s wishes to make a will were fulfilled or if it was simply something a product of the fear generated by the disease.

What is known is that it is not the first time that he has thought about it. Before suffering the coronavirus, he stated that “due to laziness” he had not yet made his will. Furthermore, he added that “We never think about death and then we leave a lot of problems to the people we love.”

Where appropriate, Guardia has an only son, Julián Figueroa, 26. If there were no surprises, he would be Maribel’s heir, although it is true that the actress could name other beneficiaries in her will.

In turn, Julián Figueroa is in the news for having rented the ranch that belonged to his father, Joan Sebastian. In Sale el Sol, Guardia explained that it was the singer himself who, in life, put the property in the name of his son. He also indicated that, 6 years after his departure, his inheritance remains without resolution.

Refering to Maribel fortune, Celebrity Net Worth expresses that it would be about $ 10 million, a figure that helps to understand their concern and their rush to make a will.

What do you think? Do you think that Maribel guard do you do well to think about who or who will inherit your fortune?

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