What would happen if the Internet stops working?

What would happen if one day you wake up and there is a drop in the Internet, you would survive without being able to check Facebook like every day or you could locate yourself in an unknown city without using Google Maps.

Maybe you want something to eat but you can no longer order food on an app or use a credit or debit card to pay for your food.

Perhaps if this bug existed, we could make regular calls, chat, or revive fax machines or handwritten notes. There would still be television to amuse us.

At least 4 billion people do not have access to the internet and if this were to happen in general people would notice immediately. They would begin to make cell phone calls, which would overload the communication systems, Unless cell towers or phone lines were also offline.

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File transfers could not be accomplished without connecting the computers by cable or via a CD.

Regarding the economy, banking services depend largely on the Internet and electronic transactions would be impossible, just as debit or credit cards would be a useless piece of plastic.

Big companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon would go bankrupt. Google alone employs 80,000 full-time people, so thousands of people would be out of work, and not only here, but in various areas such as marketing.

Countries with low Internet penetration would also be affected because international trade depends on the Internet. and global transportation, so we would return to manual tracking of shipments in commercial transport using paper again, which would increase the cost, indicates What If in Spanish.

Also on trips you would not have networks to share your travel photos, but you have to keep calm.

An internet blackout is not possible, at least not globally, as some countries have a kind of ‘switch’ to intentionally turn this off, but shutting down the entire Internet goes beyond cutting some undersea cables.

The Internet is a global network of many computers, so it’s not dependent on a single machine, so don’t worry.

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