What will the Córdoba Art Fair 2021 be like?

The Córdoba Art Fair is presented from September 16 to 21, with virtual and face-to-face modality through a web platform and various spaces throughout the country.

There will be samples, performances, tours, visits, concerts, talks and discussions, workshops, interventions and more, with free access.

The Córdoba Art Fair “Landscape: production and fantasy” is curated by Mariana Robles, Luz Novillo Corvalán and Gabriela Barrionuevo. It will have a face-to-face exhibition in the historic courtyards of the city of Córdoba and the participation of more than 65 galleries and spaces, selected through an open and public call, painting a current and federal map of the visual arts.

It is organized by the Undersecretary of Culture of the Municipality of Córdoba, FARO (in charge of the on-site gallery circuit), Córdoba Culture Agency and the Pro Arte Córdoba Foundation; with the accompaniment of Bancor, the Faculty of Arts of the National University of Córdoba, the Faculty of Art and Design of the Provincial University of Córdoba and the Spain Córdoba Cultural Center.
All virtual programming will be available at feriadearte.cordoba.gob.ar

This edition proposes an open, collaborative and decentralized system of ties and networks between different actors, giving rise to the flow of artists, audiences and circuits. In this sense, the Fair constitutes a central space for the regional development of the visual arts.
Working in the key of co-management, this Fair makes possible a mixed and innovative programming, capable of multiplying spaces for professionalization through various agreements.

The Fair raises the presence and virtuality as complementary parts of the same experience. In this sense, devices and activities capable of connecting the physical and digital landscapes will be recreated.
This miscegenation is also projected to the essential crossing of languages, experiences and new technologies, as necessary parts of a current reading. With this, the Fair guarantees a diverse map, which combines the classic, the traditional, and also the peripheral and the novel, giving rise to a disruptive look. However, the Fair brings together new formats and languages ​​around production, targeting new audiences, and also the reality of new ways of circulating, producing and commercializing art.

Windows to the Landscape

FACba It is organized around “windows” as programming areas where proposals, collaborations from institutions, and the work of public and private groups intervene. In turn, these areas are crossed and linked with others as a reflection of the interconnection of the scene itself. They are the following: Windows to the Gallery; The Patios and the Cultivation of Time; and Technopoetic Landscapes. In addition to these sections, Friendly Topographies will be developed — linking virtual and face-to-face proposals from galleries and institutions—, the 14th Bancor Painting Prize and the Acquisition Program. The latter will allow the provincial and municipal states to acquire the work of female artists and / or self-perceived identities.

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