What will Mendoza’s new runway be used for?

One of the landing strips what’s wrong with it Mendoza It was improved and now the possibilities of the place in managing logistics are improved. It is the Rivadavia airfield runway, which was improved and will be inaugurated on Friday. There, the P2012 Traveler plane will also be presented, which was also created to take off and land on unprepared runways, such as oil or mining areas.

The work was carried out by the company Aerotec, which has the aircraft assembly plant in Rivadavia. That firm has a strategic alliance with Flex Fly SAS. Among other things, as a result of this agreement, the company’s investment was achieved to finance the planes that Aerotec produces in Rivadavia as an assembly terminal for the Italian factory. Tecnam Aeronautical Construction, which allowed crossing the barrier of the hundred units delivered.

The new plane, prepared for areas without logistics.

Within this framework, oil logistics and other economic activities are expected to improve. The new aircraft that was acquired can operate in aerodromes that are not served by regular airlines and that are distant or poorly prepared, such as those surrounding the main areas of economic development in the region. This is the case of the deposits of Dead Cow and Potassium Rio Colorado or the future dam of Portezuelo del Viento.

The improvements to the airfield runway consisted, among other things, of concreting. The track will also improve safety and operability in agricultural health campaigns related to the Mediterranean fly and Lobesia Botrana. The investment was executed Aerotec, within the framework of the Mendoza Activa program.


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