What they say from the Government about the modification of rates for this year

In a press conference he shared with the Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas; and the CEO of Aluar, Javier Madanes Quintanilla, The Secretary of Energy, Darío Martínez, reaffirmed today that “there is no intention of the Government to modify the tariffs” and assured that the segmentation “will begin to be implemented as of next year” to make the subsidy tool more efficient in energetic matter.

For the official of the economic portfolio, the National government understands that “the evolution of rates always has to go below wages to allow workers to consume more goods and services and reactivate the economy.”

“There is no intention of the Government to modify rates. The decision has been taken at the time, and it has been an increase of one digit,” he said. Martínez in reference to the increases provided by the current management of 6% for gas and 9% for electricity.

“There is no intention of the Government to modify the rates,” Martinez said at a press conference

For that reason, Martínez, He reaffirmed that “there is no intention to modify any rate scheme” in the energy sector. The secretary also reiterated that “(tariff) segmentation is a great tool that is in the process of development and that will begin to be implemented as of next year.”

According to what the government A scheme is being worked on that would allow different parameters to be taken on the ability to pay users of the total cost of energy to implement differentiated reductions in subsidies.

In that sense, Martínez He pointed out that segmentation “is the beginning of a process that is expected to last many years, it is a political decision to understand that the use of subsidies must always be as efficient as possible and as intelligent as possible.”

What is sought is that “sectors that cannot meet the cost of energy can be covered by a tariff scheme, as well as sectors that can meet the total cost do so.”


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