What past! The crude reason why Pampita and Dolores Barreiro hate each other appeared: “A man disputed and it was …”

In the 1990s and early 2000s, haute couture models dominated the runways for their stature and elegance. But a new breed of smaller goddesses broke in and earned their place and ousted the elite slender. The war between Pampita, who became a figure in the parades in no time, and Dolores Barreiro, the number one until the landing of the brunette, settled quickly. They had to share jobs but the conflict went beyond work.

In In the afternoon, for America, revealed the reason for the dispute between those who were top models and that continues to this day. For this reason, when crossing paths at an event in Punta del Este, in the last hours, Dolores made it clear that she does not want to share anything with Pampita.

“There were many at that time, but above all, at that time they called girls giraffes and meerkats. And of course, all this generation came from the casualties but commercial, with force, that were imposed and that were for everything “, ripped Matilda White, who defined Carolina.

“They were to do a haute couture parade, although they did not have the height but they had so much strength and so much personality … Imagine the disgust of those who were tall that God had privileged but that really the others were taking everything ahead because they had strength”Matilda recalled about the “paradigm” shift.

And went Diego Estevez, panelist of the afternoon program, who shared the reason for the tense relationship between Pampita and Barreiro. “They make me a comparison of similarities and differences. Similarities, none. Differences … one is laucha and the other is not. It seems that Barreiro is lauchona. And Pampita puts what she has to put, she has no problem with that. Apparently not Dolores ”.


“One is from capitalism, and the other is a pre-paid hippie. One plays the hippie, but in reality she is not and envies the other, who with all the letters does business and bills a lot. And the third question is about love and trials … “Diego assured, after knowing the images where Barreiro was leaving an event where Pampita was.

“It seems that the odd men fought because they have similar targets. They tell me about the love life of Dolores, an enigmatic businessman whose name I cannot reveal and with whom they shared fluids ”, Estévez ended.

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