What is the life of Camila Salazar: from ex divina to "Ugly Duckling" to psychologist in Ibiza

“No one will pass this corner, here the divine ones rule …”, if you read this phrase singing it in your mind, surely you remember the afternoons of your childhood watching Channel 13 and drinking chocolate milk. It is that although it seems like yesterday, the reality is that 14 years have passed since Brenda Asnicar in her role as “Antonella” she will become the “friend-enemy” of “Duckling” (Laura Esquivel) and made “Ugly Duckling” a big hit. “The Divines” was a group made up of “Pía” (Camila Outon), “Caterina” (Camila Salazar) and “Luciana” (Nicole Luis).

On the other hand, they were “The popular ones”, group made up of the same Laura Esquivel, “Jose” (Thelma Fardin) y “Tami” (Eva De Dominici). Many of these young women who marked the childhood and adolescence of more than one continued with their artistic careers and today they are great figures in the entertainment world. Others chose to exploit their potential through the networks and become “influencers”, such as Nicole Luis, and others, they completely moved away from all kinds of cameras. It is the case of Camila SalazarLuciana’s sister, who at age 14 began acting and later discovered that her vocation was elsewhere.

“Las divinas”, the dynamic trio of Ugly Duckling.

On Ugly Duckling She was “Caterina”, the blonde with the short hair and blue eyes that any girl wouldn’t want to come across in high school. Bossy, conceited, superficial, who followed in the footsteps of a leader who did bullyng. Her character accompanied her in 2007 and 2008, during the two seasons that the strip ran. The cycle culminated with a tour of Latin America where they said goodbye as God intended, marking a before and after in the adolescence of many.

In dialogue with La Nación, the actress spoke about what it is like to live on an island, what was it that led her to make such a decision, why she studied psychology and if she would ever return to her beginnings and resume acting. “I would act again because I love it, but I should balance my schedule. I can’t stop seeing a patient from one day to the next. I have a commitment. And I’m on an island. At home I don’t even have a television, I don’t even know if there is a channel in Ibiza “, he expressed.

Regarding his university career, he stressed that his family “implanted the chip” to study a yes or yes due to the instability of the artistic world. “I understand my father’s concern, that he did not want me to be left alone with acting.” The family weighs a lot and I pursued a university degree. I took a year off because I was coming from touring with Ugly Duckling and I didn’t really know what to study either. I thought about Psychiatric but I had to do Medicine first and I knew I was not going to do it. Until I investigated the study plans of the universities and that is how I got to Belgrano’s, to Psychology, he expressed.

After his reception, where his sister published a photo of the emblematic moment, he had the possibility of returning to television from another place. “They called me to join Combate, as a chronicler. I liked it a lot because I had to do interviews and I was able to condense the two things that I like the most, psychology and acting.”, he stated.

But even so, in March of this year he decided that his place was not in Argentina. She married producer Jand Ignacio “Mela” Meliton and they both decided to move to Spain to seek new opportunities and add experiences.

The couple got married in 2019 and in 2021 they decided to leave the country.

Life on an island

The couple sold their house and their cars through a virtual auction in networks and left the country. Today his days are spent in a little house in Santa Eulalia, facing the sea, where he is dedicated to the cryptocurrency business and she, who is a psychologist, attends online to her Argentine patients all over the world.

“We embarked on this adventure to see what happens. Actually, we had the idea of ​​living in another country for a long time and the pandemic finally pushed us.”, he expressed. In addition, at that time Camila was part of the staff of Animadas por la TV Pública, but with the change of government the cycle did not return. “If that came out, I don’t know if I would have left the country”, he sentenced.

Today, she works as a psychologist from the island through video calls.I have Argentine patients who live in Argentina and in different parts of the world: in Costa Rica, the United States, Mexico, Chile, Spain. It’s good because I found a niche of people who postponed doing therapy because they didn’t understand each other: we speak the same language but sometimes you don’t quite connect, and idioms and culture, although they are similar, have points that are very different ” , he expressed. Besides, he continues to teach at the University of Belgrano, and gives virtual classes.

Many will ask, Why Ibiza? This island is associated with parties and lack of control, and the couple was not looking for that. “We were looking for tranquility. Chatting with my brother-in-law who is from Ibiza, he told us that Santa Eulalia, where we live, suits us because it is twenty minutes from the center of Ibiza, and for the porteños, twenty minutes is nothing because we are used to traffic. from the big city And now, going to the other side of the island, twenty minutes away, is already difficult because the perception of distances is different. We enjoy it and, perhaps, we finish work and go to the beach for a while, or from my balcony I see the sea, I hear the birds sing. It’s another life, he clarified.

Finally, he spoke about whether there is a possible return to Argentina. “I prefer to think it’s forever even though you can’t do futurology. We did a lot of movement, couples therapy, personal therapy both of us, so for a while I want us to stay. I’m enjoying the moment without worrying too much.”, he concluded.

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