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On an emotional note, Billboard recalls that in early 2020, The Weeknd, born in Canada in 1990, released an ominous video musical with a joyous movement of the hips and gingerly playing a song, ‘Blinding Lights’, “which had debuted only two months earlier, and which would soon make its own mark on pop history.”

“Although Tesfaye (The Weeknd is actually called Abel Makkonen Tesfaye), 31, had topped many charts before, the adrenaline-pumping synth-pop track (created with the help of legendary songwriter and producer Max Martin) marked the final stage of his evolution from the scene’s enigmatic breakup. from underground Toronto R&B to genre. pop icon. And with high-concept cinematic performances and stills leading up to the Super Bowl halftime show, all starring a mysterious red-jacketed character, increasingly bruised and bandaged that Tesfaye played throughout, ‘Blinding Lights’ and the accompanying album. After Hours also established Tesfaye not only as a radio accessory, but as an author in his own right, “note Billboard critics.

The Weeknd Blinding LightsThe number 1 song on the Billboard.

The Weeknd en el Super Bowl 2021

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The media specializing in music analyzes that ‘Blinding Lights’ “had a slow combustion, reaching the top of the Hot 100 in March 2020, the same week that ‘After Hours’ debuted at the top of the Billboard 200. But once it took hold , listeners weren’t letting it go: Four weeks No. 1 broke the record for most weeks spent among the top five (43 weeks), the top 10 (57), the top 40 (86), and the top 100 (90), enough to dethrone ‘The Twist’ on Billboard’s biggest chart. All Time Hot 100 at the end of its run in September. “

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