What is Sylvia Pasquel de Alejandra Guzmán?

Sylvia Pasquel is one of the most popular actresses in Mexico and is part of a family full of artists, among which is the singer Alejandra Guzman. Although they are from different fathers, the sisters have a good relationship and share family gatherings with their followers.

The passion for acting and music is in their blood: his mother, Silvia Pinal, is considered one of the most important actresses in Mexican cinema for her participation in films such as “The innocent” (1956), “Viridiana” (1961), “The exterminating angel” (1962) and “Simon of the desert” (1965) , in addition to having been a notable producer.

The 90-year-old former senator married actor Rafael Banquells in 1947 when she was 16 years old. In this sense, Pinal confessed that her marriage at such a young age was partly due to escape from her father’s repression. “I changed my father for a softer one that stimulated me in my career,” he acknowledged in an interview and the fruit of that love was born Sylvia Pasquel

The couple divorced in 1952 and it was not until the mid-1960s that he met singer and actor Enrique Guzmán when he was a guest on a television show hosted by Pinal. In 1967 they married despite some resistance from the actress as she was 11 years older than her husband and together they procreated Alejandra Guzman and Luis Enrique Guzmán.

But amid allegations of domestic violence, Pinal decided to divorce in 1976 when Sylvia Pasquel I was 29 years old and Alejandra Guzman only 8 years. The sisters have a great age difference, but that did not stop them from getting along and having moments together, even expressing the love they feel for each other on social networks.

Who is the other sister of Sylvia Pasquel, Alejandra and Luis Enrique Guzmán?

Before meeting Enrique Guzmán, Silvia Pinal was married to the businessman and film producer Gustavo Alatriste, whom she considers today as the love of her life. They met at a meeting at Ernesto Alonso’s house when he was about to divorce actress Ariadne Welter.

Alatriste helped her take off her acting career and in 1963 Viridiana Alatriste was born, the only daughter they had in common who died tragically in a car accident south of Mexico City in 1982, at just 19 years of age. “Viridiana’s death was for me like a clock that stopped suddenly and although I insisted on winding it up, and made it move by force, it never worked the same again,” revealed Pinal in his autobiography.

When Viridiana passed away, Alejandra Guzman I was 14 years old and Sylvia Pasquel 33 years. Pinal remarried for the last time in 1982, the same year that the tragedy occurred, to the politician, and then governor of the state of Tlaxcala, Tulio Hernández Gómez. The couple had no children and it was because of him that Pinal entered the world of politics. Finally, they divorced in 1995.

Did you imagine the link that existed between the two?

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