What happens between Flor Vigna and Coscu: all the secrets of the romance that makes us talk in secret

Since Flor Vigna separated from Nico Occhiato She has been linked to some love affairs, and even reconciliation with her ex, however none of this has been proven. However, a few months ago she was linked to the streamer Martin Perez Di Salvo, known as Coscu although both denied the relationship.

In an interview conducted for The Academy Preview, Flor Vigna indicated: “Coscu is a capo, he is number one on the networks. He is a streamer but nothing to see, nothing at all. He’s a good kid“said Vigna on the track ShowMatch . Still the rumors continued.

Juariu Always attentive to the networks, she revealed a few weeks ago that Flor was interested in the streamer Coscu. This time, the influencer showed some postcards in her networks where Flor Vigna and Coscu could be seen in the same place, although there are no photos together.

“Flower in the Bresh and Coscu too”, He wrote through his Instagram account and reposted videos to test his theory. Although the truth is that although it is seen that both are in the Bresh, this party is a very popular place for celebrities and they are usually found in the Vip.

After that and after posting the images alluding to the possibility that the actress and the streamer are together, that they are together, she shared a tweet from a user that said the following: “Coscu and Flor Vigna plating in the BRESH in the vip of Biza #LAMMMMM”.

But with distrust of the source he added: “But if they are in the Bresh in a VIP, are you going to tell me that nobody took a picture of them?“, wrote Juariu without ruling out the possibility. Finally, the follower also explained that she was also present in the same place Nico Occhiato.

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