What happened to Carlos Ferrara, the Telenueve chronicler who fainted on a live mobile

This Thursday at noon, Carlos Ferrara, the journalist of telenueve, I was working like every day. This time he had had to make a mobile from the Colon Theater where one of the coronavirus testing centers is located. I was in the middle of the livestream when he heard he said “Sorry Claudio”, passed out and fell to the floor face down.

Seeing what was happening on mobile, Claudio perez, the host of the El Nueve newscast, decided to go back to the apartment and explain to the viewers that Carlos he was very close to a medical post, so he would be seen very soon. Next, he asked for a cut.

“The first thing we want to say is that we were waiting for confirmation that they were treating him. He had a small decompensation but fortunately, no more there, a minute and a half, there were people from SAME who are already treating and controlling him”Pérez explained after returning from the cut.

What happened to the Telenueve movilero who fainted live?

According to the chronicler’s own companions, he was immediately treated at the scene by SAME personnel and then he was transferred to the Ramos Mejía Hospital in the San Cristóbal neighborhood, where they managed to stabilize him.

They are doing a CT scan because it may come from the cerebrovascular side but he is stable, vital signs normal and saturates well”, They explained to Teleshow spent a few hours emphasizing that he was better.

The journalist gradually recovered throughout the afternoon and as confirmed by his surroundings, he regained consciousness and gradually his speech as well. After he reacted positively to the stimuli, they decided to transfer him to the Los Arcos Sanatorium in Palermo to carry out the necessary studies.

“Okay, they are monitoring him, with a tomography anything serious was ruled out and the canal doctor is accompanying him. He tells me that there is nothing to worry about, luckily it is nothing serious ”, confirmed his co-worker.

What still worries doctors is that so far and with routine studies in hand, they have not been able to find what was the cause of his decompensation. The only thing that was slightly elevated was the sugar level, but this does not justify that he had lost consciousness.c Fortunately, the journalist was able to contact his family to bring them peace of mind.

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