What happened between Rix and Nath Campos: simple explanation of the case

A fact that was relevant in 2019 was the moment when Nath Campos had a night out with Rix and other famous youtubers in a nightclub in Mexico City. It was a night where the attendees drank too much and when it was time to leave, it would have been Rix who offered to take the influencer to her apartment, where it finally emerged that he sexually abused her.

Today, after 2 years, many wonder what happened between Rix and Nath Campos. This is the simple explanation of the case. The rape victim, Nath Campos formally denounced this fact and also told it publicly

His story was relevant through a video. This recording was only published in January 2021 with the title “My history of abuse”. It was a surprise for many of his followers when in a video clip, Campos said:

“I couldn’t walk well, I was in a pretty heavy state, my other friends left and the other things I remember that night is walking into my apartment, thinking that I was already at home, thinking that Rix was already going to leave, entering my room like taking off my jumper and getting into bed as if to go to sleep and the next thing I remember is Rix doing things to me while I was sleeping.

It should be mentioned that on several occasions while the legal process was taking place, The youtuber made statements where she said that she felt very lonely since both her friends and family made her feel in some way responsible for the abuse she suffered.

However, several well-known collaborators of the medium, such as the comedian Sofía Niño de Rivera, La Divaza, Gaby Meza and Juana Martínez, were some of the first people to give their full support to Nath Campos after the abuse report.

“SOURCE: Fem Attitude”

At first, when Rix found out about the judicial process that Campos had started against him, his reaction was to try to apologize to the youtuber and deny everything. Well, at that moment he declared: “neither of them knew exactly what had happened.”

He also said that he panicked when she accused him the first time and assured that he would never take advantage of someone in that way: “In my reality, it was a topic that we both said, what the fuck! and we regret it. I would never do anything against anyone’s will ”.

After going back and forth during the legal process, on September 8 during a press conference, the lawyer of Nath Campos, Mónica Peña announced that the accused voluntarily accepted the charges against him on September 1, 2021 to such an extent that the designated procedure would be followed.

The Mexican youtuber Ricardo Arturo González Méndez, nicknamed as “Rix” was definitely sentenced to 3 years and two months in prison. He pleaded guilty to the crime of rape against also youtuber Nath Campos.

This was what happened between Rix and Nath Campos. A brief explanation of the case and the end that was officially reported: “He admitted his full criminal responsibility for the crime of rape equal to the degree of attempt committed against Natalia Campos. He was sentenced to conviction with a prison sentence of three years and two months ”.

Do you agree with the resolution or should it have been a different penalty?

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