What does the engagement ring that Machine Gun Kellly gave Megan Fox mean

What does the engagement ring that Machine Gun Kellly gave Megan Fox mean, the American actress has left her fans with their mouths open, by showing off her next wedding with the rapper, as if that were not enough the huge piece that he carries in his hand.

There is a whole romantic story behind the ring that has sealed the love of the model and Colson Baker, it is a jewel called in French toi et moi, which means you and me, in addition the beautiful stones also have a special message.

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Megan Fox’s engagement ring was designed by her boyfriend with jewelry designer Stephen Webster, it is two huge pieces, an emerald that means her and a diamond that is him.

The two precious stones of the majestic ring, which undoubtedly supersedes Belinda and Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement ring, come together to form a beautiful heart which “means our love”.

The brand Stephen Webster shared that Megan Fox’s ring has been crafted in 18 karat white gold and it even gives more details such as that the diamond is an old-cut D color and the emerald is a completely natural and untreated gem from Colombia.

What does the engagement ring that Machine Gun Kellly gave Megan Fox mean? Photo: Special

Megan Fox gave the Yes I want to Machine Gun Kelly In the paradisiacal landscapes of Puerto Rico, in the place where they met, the American singer and actor knelt in front of the native of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States and showed her the engagement ring.

Extremely surprised, she also knelt with a cute surprised face, and has put on her piece of jewelry, an act that ended in a kiss. Fortunately, the Houston, Texas-born shared more details on social media than Megan Fox herself.

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It is said that the ring is very similar to the one that was given to Ariana Grande and Emily Ratajkowski, Hollywood’s favorite piece, the meaning is very emotional and an approximate valuation has already been made and it is 400 thousand dollars, about 8 million pesos.

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Megan Fox who turned 35 years old in 2021 and Machine Gun Kelly, 31 now form a new family in the style of Kourtney Kardashian with 8 children, the Transformers actress has 3 children while the rapper has a daughter.

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