What does it mean "Chuchita was pocketed"

What does “A Chuchita la bolsearon” mean | Source: Pexels

Mexican popular expression “They bagged Chuchita” it relates to excuses and has been used over the past centuries to warn that excuses, evasions, apologies, or justifications will not be accepted.

It is believed that this expression dates from the colonial period and there are several versions about its origin but both agree that “Chuchita”As she was affectionately called, she was a domestic worker who was born in the year 1689.

“Chuchita” was in charge of acquiring everything that was needed in the patron’s house, therefore, she was frequently assigned to go out to buy products and supplies for the pantry, but curiously, each time she returned with less merchandise and her excuse it was recurring.

When she returned home, when the boss asked her what had happened, “Chuchita” argued that she had been “bagged”, that is, that she had been robbed. But after the event was repeated countless times, the boss said: “And now what happened, don’t tell me that they bagged Chuchita.”

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One of the versions relates that “Chuchita” spent the money that her employer gave her for household purchases on alcoholic beverages, while another version relates that the money destined for her employer’s food was distributed among the most needy people.

It is said that the bosses began to use the phrase in 1715 when “Chuchita” would have 26 years old. They used it when they asked their domestic workers why they hadn’t bought the food, exclaiming: “And don’t tell me that they bagged Chuchita.”

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However, the veracity of these popular accounts has been questioned by those who affirm that in those times, the errand girls did not carry money because the accounts were charged to the employer’s list and that the majority of the errand men were male adolescents.

In the weekly magazine called “The Chambeador” distributed in Mexico City in the 1970s, “Chuchita” was described as an elusive debtor who argued endless pretexts to the people she owed money to.

Mexican expressions like “They bagged Chuchita” They stand out for their historical past and the ingenuity with which they were made and there is a whole repertoire of typical phrases that have passed from generation to generation.

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