What do the actors of the Choristers look like in 2021?

The film The chorists, directed by Christophe Barratier, saw the light of day in 2004, and quickly established itself as a classic of French cinema. We are many, in fact, to have seen it, and to keep a vivid memory. Today, we invite you to find all these key players to see their evolution until 2021. And evolutions, there have been some, since if certain actors like Maxence Perrin (who played Pépinot in The chorists) are still actors now, others, like Cyril Bernicot (Le Querrec in The chorists) or Théodule Carré-Cassaigne (Leclerc in The chorists) have withdrawn from the world of comedy to take a whole different path. So, sometimes, we had to do some research to find all the faces that we present to you in this article. Without waiting, here is a new Before / After special Choristers !

1) gérard jugnot (clément mathieu in the chorists)

2) jean-baptise maunier (pierre morhange in the chorists)

3) maxence perrin (pépinot in the chorists)

4) françois berléand (rachin in the chorists)

5) grégory gatignol (socialite in the chorists)

6) kad merad (chabert in the chorists)

7) cyril bernicot (the querrec in the chorists)

8) simon fargeot (boniface in the chorists)

9) marie brunel (violet morhange in the chorists)

10) Philippe du Janerand (Mr. Langlois in the chorists)

11) thomas blumenthal (corbin in the chorists)

12) Théodule Carré-Cassaigne (leclerc in the chorists)

(This photograph is from a few years ago, but Théodule Carré-Cassaigne is no longer an actor, as we specified in the introduction to this article, and few photographs of him are currently circulating on social networks).

13) Flemish Didier (Pépinot adult in the chorists)

14) Jacques perrin (adult Pierre Morhange in the chorists)

15) jean-paul bonnaire (father maxence in the chorists)

Jean-Paul Bonnaire, of whom you can find the photograph below, unfortunately left us theree March 28, 2013.

And if you want to keep the momentum going, you can always go back to our previous Before / After to see the evolution of your favorite actors until 2021.

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