What are “flash mob thefts”, which are on the increase in stores in the United States?

A trend that worries American traders. In recent weeks, organized gangs have been attacking certain shops to steal objects of significant value.

The most recent theft dates back to November 20, in California. Suddenly, nearly 80 people disembarked at a shopping center near San Francisco and attacked a Nordstrom store, which sells fashion items and jewelry. In all, $ 100,000 worth of goods was stolen that day, as thieves took out 25 cars. Only three people were arrested.

If the “recipe” is not new in the United States, it seems that the approach of the holidays has led to a sharp increase in violent thefts. In Oakland, California, a gang attacked a cannabis store (the sale is legal in the state, editor’s note), and even opened fire on the police when they intervened.

This repetition of thefts in the American West is no accident according to the authorities. “We have information that indicates that it is a collective of people, several groups, who are coming together to carry out these attempted break-ins,” said LeRonne Armstrong, Chief of the Oakland Police Department.

According to the figures provided, thefts and burglaries are indeed up from the previous year in California. However, in this state, the level of crime is historically low according to the Department of Justice. Succeeding in the fight against these spectacular thefts could therefore continue to improve the statistics.

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