"We were bad, I was bad": Rodgers talks about the Packers indictment

What was that? The proud Green Bay Packers suffered a total sporting loss at the start of the NFL, the New Orleans Saints dismantled the Fast Super Bowl participant into all its individual parts. Above all, Aaron Rodgers himself played a disastrous game. After all, there are statistical glimmers of hope.

Found something? Almost not a single prepared play of the Packers has ignited at the New Orleans Saints.

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To enumerate all the mistakes from this Sunday, one would need many lines – very many lines. But that is not necessary, a few selected numbers of horror are enough to illustrate the football fan perfectly that the Green Bay Packers were a shadow of theirs when the Saints performed because of Hurricane “Ida” from New Orleans to Jacksonville were themselves.

Of course, the result would be first and foremost: a 3:38! On the other hand, the fact that the Packers received such an abrasion, although they had taken 13 wins each in the last two seasons and always made it to the NFC final in the play-offs. The entire offense was a shadow of itself, achieved only one conversion in ten third downs and only 43 yards of space gain in the running game. And Rodgers, the reigning MVP of the league (4299 yards, 48 ​​touchdowns and a total of only five interceptions), only got a measly 133 yards, no score and two picks with 15 of 33 passes attached.

But not only that: The two interceptions happened to the “Gunslinger” in his 14th NFL season as a starter with the Packers even through his own fault within a very short time, within only three attempted passes. In addition, this 3:38 was the clearest defeat that the Super Bowl winner of the 2010/11 season ever had to suffer as a starting quarterback.

Too Confident? “I think there is something to it”

What kind of words do you find afterwards? What goes through your head when, as in the case of Rodgers in the fourth quarter, you are put on the bench early for substitute Jordan Love, because there is simply nothing to catch up – and the leader doesn’t get extra before the next game have to spend?

“A-Rod” has already tried to make explanations – and addressed it very clearly: “We were bad, I was bad …” The Packers would not have brought anything offensive, especially offensively. Was the troupe perhaps too self-confident (in the neutral venue in Jacksonville there were also many thousands of Green Bay fans among the 35,242) and were they poorly prepared? “I think there is something to it,” Rodgers continued. “We obviously thought we’d go out there and march across the field, but that was obviously not the case today.”

“A shot across the bow”

But Rodgers wouldn’t be Rodgers if he didn’t find something good in such a horror performance: “We’re coming out of a situation where we last stood twice in the NFC Championship Game – and we believe in our team that we’re on the offensive … That’s why this (the 3:38; editor’s note) is a shot across the bow, which helps us to shake us up. Hopefully this defeat will get us on the right path if we go home now and then play against Detroit (in the night from Monday to Tuesday, 2.15 a.m. CEST; editor’s note). “

There are also additional glimmers of hope: The NFL has been extended by a regular season week since this season, and all four NFC North teams (in addition to Packers, Bears, Vikings and Lions) lost at the start – and it seems at all unlikely that an offensive for a quarterback like Rodgers would repeat drives like the Saints again. The catastrophe in the fast-track process for reading: punt, punt, field goald, interception, interception, turnover on downs after a missed fourth down conversion, punt, punt and fumble by substitute playmaker Love with a sack just before the opposing end zone.

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