We tested the Alcatel 1T7: this is this compact and accessible tablet

The version that we had the opportunity to test is the 9309X, whose main novelty is the adoption of the Android 10 Go operating system

Tablets are experiencing a kind of renaissance in recent times, since they are very versatile and comfortable devices to use, especially within the home.

And among the cheapest tablets today are those that have 7 inch screen. Among them is the Alcatel 1T7, which was recently relaunched in an updated version.

The version that we had the opportunity to test is the 9309X, whose main novelty is the adoption of the sistema operativo Android 10 Go replacing the 8.1 that used to come before.

Remember that the “Go” editions of Android are specially created to work well on computers with modest or entry-level hardware specifications.

Such is the case of the Alcatel 1T7, which It has 1 GB of RAM memory and a Mediatek processor with 4 cores and 1.3 GHz of maximum frequency. Meanwhile, the built-in storage is 16 GB and can be expanded using a micro SD card.

On the other hand, the 1T7 is a comfortable tablet to hold and very light, since it weighs only 245 grams.

On the front are the screen, surrounded by a relatively thick frame, the speaker and the front camera that takes shots of up to 2 MP (1600×1200 pixels). Meanwhile, the back cover is made of a textured plastic that is pleasant to the touch, where the main camera lens appears (2 MP in our unit) and a small cover to access the slot where the micro SD memory can be inserted.

At the top are the micro USB data transfer and charging connector, as well as a 3.5 mm headphone jack. If the tablet is placed in an upright position, the on / off button and volume control buttons are correctly located on the right side.

The Alcatel 1T7 incorporates “Go” versions of various Google applications to mitigate the impact of low RAM.

The Alcatel 1T7 in use

The tablet screen has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, which gives you an acceptable definition for both text and photos or videos. In addition, a “reading mode” is included that displays the screen in a gray scale in a way that approximates what e-readers offer (saving the distance in screen technologies).

An improvement point of the screen is in the viewing angles, which are not too generous. This forces you to hold the tablet in a certain position to achieve the optimal result. This is especially noticeable when used in landscape mode.

The Alcatel 1T7’s Mediatek processor allows you to display videos of YouTube fluently up to 720p 30fps resolutions, which look great. Already in clips at 720p and 50 or 60 fps, the demand is too high and there are slowdowns in playback.

In terms of web browsing, we used Chrome and the result was slightly better than expected for a computer with 1 GB of RAM. Individual pages load quickly, but having more than three tabs open slows down. And it may take some patience if it’s a complex site with lots of photos, videos, and pop-ups (like the official Formula 1 one). So moderation in terms of the number of websites open simultaneously is key.

The Alcatel tablet can also run casual games from the Play Store. Here too, you have to choose carefully, as your computer hardware will limit the options that work really well.

In favor of the tablet is the amount of internal storage, which is 16 GB from the factory. Of that amount, just over 4 GB are used by the operating system and the apps that come from the factory, so about 11.6 GB are available to the user.

Another interesting point of 1Q7 is the application TCL Kids, which turns the tablet into a device for children, with access to some educational and entertainment videos.

The good thing is the parental controls. When configuring this app, parents can choose the child’s age – so that more appropriate content is presented to them – as well as set how long they can be using the tablet. You can also set which websites they can access and which apps on the tablet they can launch and use.

The TCL Kids app offers content in Spanish and allows you to set parental control rules.

The TCL Kids app offers content in Spanish and allows you to set parental control rules.


The Alcatel 1T7 offers a good WiFi connection, allows you to browse portals, watch YouTube videos or listen to music without problems. The performance is not stellar – if it is demanded, the limit is soon -, it has cameras that only “comply” and does not have advanced features such as GPS, but it is also necessary to consider that it is one of the most accessible tablets.

In short, an alternative to easily add a screen to the home with limited benefits but at a cost that works in your favor. In fact, 1Q7 was recently relaunched at an official price of $13.299, but today you can get it for less at home appliance stores and e-commerce sites.

Alcatel 1T7: features

  • Sistema operativo: Android 10 Go
  • Display: 7 “, 1024 x 600 pixels
  • Processor: MediaTek MT8167D, 4 cores at 1.3 GHz
  • Memoria RAM: 1 GB
  • Storage: 16 GB internal + micro SD expansion up to 128 GB
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi N, Bluetooth 4.2, USB 2.0 port
  • Battery: 2580 mAh (7 hours of use, 430 in standby)
  • Dimensiones: 189,5 x 111 x 9,15 mm
  • Weight: 245 grams

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