We remember events that occurred on September 14

On September 14, 2002, the actress and singer passed away Lolita torres , great representative of Argentine cinema. She is the mother of singer Diego Torres and grandmother of actress Ángela Torres.

Lolita Torres- The Fire Girl

On September 14, 1920, he was born Mario Benedetti, Uruguayan poet, playwright and writer. He wrote numerous books, essays, poems, and newspaper articles. A member of the Generation of ’45, he is the author of classics such as La Tregua and Gracias por el fuego, among others. He died at his home, aged 88, on May 17, 2009.

Mario Benedetti – Let’s make a deal – (Voice of Mario Benedetti)

Today the Mailman day. The celebration was established in commemoration of Bruno Ramírez, the first postman in the country, who was appointed to office on September 14, 1771. We honor with the film “El postero” based on the book “El postero de Neruda” by Antonio Skármeta . Happy day!

Neruda’s Postman (1994) Full Movie with Spanish subtitles

In 2001, the reform of the Constitution of the Province of Córdoba which, among other modifications and additions to the 1987 text, established a Unicameral Legislature. The Convention was chaired by Juan Carlos Maqueda. (Source: Esteban Domina)


On September 14, 1983, he was born Amy Winehouse , British singer and songwriter, noted for her mixes of different musical genres including jazz, R&B, soul, and ska. Rose to fame in 2006 with her second album, “Back to Black,” for which she earned six Grammy Award nominations. She was found dead at the age of 27, on July 23, 2011, after collapsing from withdrawal syndrome.

Amy Winehouse – Rehab

In 2013 the Cordovan priest Jose Gabriel Brochero He was beatified in a ceremony presided over by Cardinal Angelo Amato, within the framework of a massive celebration held in Villa Cura Brochero, department of San Alberto. (Source: Esteban Domina)

Canonization of the Priest Brochero

In 1923 the Argentine boxer Luis Ángel Firpo and the American Jack Dempsey star in “The fight of the century” at the Polo Grounds in New York for the world heavyweight title. It was won by Dempsey after returning to the ring after the 10-second “knock out” count had passed, having been fired by a blow from the “Toro de las Pampas”, considered the “father of boxing” in Argentina.

“Fight of the Century”: Jack Dempsey vs. Luis Ángel Firpo, 1923

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