"We are going to report you": Mega journalist accuses that he received insults from "an illustrious vaccine"

The journalist said that everything happened after reporting that the ISP authorized the vaccination with Sinovac of minors between 3 and 6 years old. “We are going to report you,” was the softest thing that could be read in the message.

Mega science and technology journalist, Daniel silva, shared this Thursday a series of insulting messages that he received from an unknown person after informing about the authorization of the Public Health Institute (ISP) to vaccinate minors between 3 and 6 years old with Sinovac. “We are going to denounce you”, is the smoothest thing that can be read.

The image containing the insults came through Twitter, where the communicator wrote: “What a nice message I received this afternoon from a illustrious vaccine“.

“All for publicizing the authorization given by the ISP to vaccinate children from the age of 3,” he added. “Enough,” he said, adding that he will continue to “give the information that the experts give me.”

This occurs after, as reported by BioBioChile, the director (S) of the instance, Heriberto Garcia, explained that “there is sufficient data from a study carried out in China with respect to 100 million doses used in children between 3 and 17 years old, of which it was seen that only 3,890 were the amounts of adverse reactions that were reported” .

“Of these reported there were some that were already ruled out that they were related to the vaccine and others are related to the vaccine,” he specified.

Inoculations against covid-19, it must be remembered, are voluntary and free.

Last October, meanwhile, reports from this medium indicated that ICU admissions and deaths have a notably higher incidence among those who are not vaccinated or they have their sketch incomplete.

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