“We are determined to reach the Council,” said the Espert candidate in Bahia

Valeria Diana Rodríguez, who headed the list of councilors on the Libertad List, for the party led by José Luis Espert –Advance Freedom– celebrated the percentage obtained in yesterday’s elections, which placed it as the third force in the city.

“I am very happy for November, waking up the next day and thinking about the immediate future. We are determined to be able to achieve banking in the Council, to integrate ourselves as a firm voice, “he assured in contact with the mobile of The Compass 24.

And he added: “It is what we were feeling throughout these days that we were at the headquarters, that we took it as a meeting place. Beyond the people who know us for their work, there were many people who approached us and approached us with their requests, let us not disappoint them because we are hope ”.

“A phrase from a man stuck with me: ‘That salary is not the factor that makes you lose the courage to raise your hand and vote.’ They are very strong messages and one has to prepare, this is how democracy is built, without fraud or fraud, ”said Rodríguez.

By way of analysis, he commented that “Espert made a very good choice in Bahia and that shows that the construction of the space is growing.”

And he added: “We have been working in a silent way that had to do with respecting learning in this first instance, but that does not mean that we have not done it well, professionally and consciously. Now we are going to speed up our pace, deepen our communication and do everything we set out to do to get to the council ”.

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