Wave of resignations in the Government: three other ministers and officials made their positions available

The first to present his resignation was Pedro’s Eduardo “Wado”.

The repercussions on the Government continue after the defeat of the ruling party in the PASO, and this Wednesday several officials made their resignation available, following in the footsteps of the Interior Minister Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro.

Minutes later, those of the head of the ANSES Fernanda Raverta, the head of PAMI Luana Volnovich, the Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat Jorge Ferraresi and his peers of Justice Martín Soria and of Science and Technology Roberto Salvarezza, TN and Profile advanced.

The aforementioned officials are close to Cristina Kirchner, so they would respond to the vice president. Now, it will be a matter of time to know if the resignations are confirmed and if they are the only ones to leave their positions.

They all respond to Vice President Cristina Kirchner, who after the debacle due to the harsh defeat in the PASO 2021 elections demanded the departure of officials close to the President such as Chief of Staff Santiago Cafiero and Ministers Martín Guzmán (Economy) and Matías Kulfas (Production). ).

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