Warzone: Secret of the Pacific, full details on the event

While Verdansk will soon disappear, the developers do not hesitate to motivate the community to launch, one last time, on this battlefield. After an event launched on November 18, another arrived on November 24, although temporarily withdrawn due to some issues. Appointed Secret of the Pacific, it allows you to take part in six challenges, to get some rewards, is a plan for the TSG “Bomber Menace”.

Secret of the Pacific event detail

This event is scheduled to last until the launch of Season 1 of Vanguard and Warzone, scheduled for December 7. So you have two weeks to participate. It offers relatively easy challenges, which will require you to search for items in specific areas. Once found, another small challenge will then be launched, again quite easy.

Here are the challenges of the event Secret of the Pacific :

  • Evasion → You must survive a circle or win the game.
  • One the Air → You must survive three circles or win the game.
  • Fast Food → You must survive three circles or win the game.
  • On your feet → You must survive four circles or win the game.
  • Abandoned → You must survive two circles or win the game.
  • Secrets → You must survive two circles or win the game.

However, it seems that you can only focus on one challenge at a time.

For the rest, know that during the event, the XP will be doubled for all players, the opportunity to take advantage of it. Once the event is over, season 1 of Vanguard and Warzone will launch (December 7th for owners of the new Call of Duty, 8th for others).

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