Wallpaper: A classic that is back

After a year and a half of pandemic, the return of wallpaper is one of the trends most pointed out by interior design experts in home renovations to create better living and working environments.

Bring your plain walls to life with a fun change in colors and shapes / Photo by Alex Shu on Unsplash

Experts say that we are facing a new era for wallpaper, where renewal is the key.
Some may remember those tapestries that grandmothers used, but now the trend is more modern and some are even fire-resistant, so they are more functional.

The wallpaper achieves a total change in your environment / Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Confinement made us look more closely at our home, as we spent more time there, also inviting us to make changes, move, paint, renovate and, the tapestries? They came again to conquer us with their tones, shapes and even textures.

Home is first, it is the place where we spend more time, where we are with those we love and it is time for that house to reflect everything we feelIt is our safe space and what better way to invest money, creativity and effort to feel good, whether you work there, receive visitors or just want to be comfortable.

Plants and paintings are the perfect complement / Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

The remodeling is not easy, but you can support yourself with an expert, If you do not have that there are many online consultancies, ideas or just keep your eyes open to see what you like about what you have found where you are going and you can adjust both your tastes and your pocket, the change can be little by little, do not think that a remodeling is going to be overnight, you can plan, buy, compare prices and ask for help in the facilities so that your house is, like a magazine! Let’s do it.

The best thing is that there is a great variety of colors, shapes and designs, Remember that it is not necessary to tapestry all the walls, you can choose one as the main one to give it all the personality you want and combine the rest of the walls with your favorite color. Dare yourself!

If you’re still not quite sure, here are some tips on why you should choose wallpaper:

-There are very original models

-They are long-lasting

-You can use lines to give more height

-They are easy to clean

-There are 3D models

-They have versatile designs

-They can provide greater lighting

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