Voracious fire in a well-known hamburger restaurant in Mar del Plata « Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

A voracious fire broke out this Friday night in the renowned hamburger restaurant Mambru, located on Libertad and Salta avenues.

As confirmed by sources consulted by THE CAPITAL, the fire started at 10:40 p.m. on the roof and then spread, to a lesser extent, to other sectors of the business. Shortly after, a crew from the central fire department arrived at the hamburger restaurant and, due to the voracity of the flames, they asked for reinforcements: a fire engine from the Monolith barracks and another from Caisamar joined the fight.

The troops worked for more than half an hour until they managed to control the fire source, which caused the most severe damage to the roof. “Apparently leaves gathered near the chimney and between the heat and the wind they caught fire,” said one of the witnesses who were at the scene.

In any case, the specialists were this midnight doing a “cooling” of the remains left by the flames and then they will focus on determining the reasons that caused the fire. However, it was confirmed that there were no injuries.

Mambru is a renowned hamburger and pizzeria, which has become a Mar del Plata tradition.

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