Voices for and against turning social plans into formal work

Given the possibility that the national government announces a plan to transform social plans into formal work in different sectors, Get informed He consulted the National Deputy of the Frente de Todos, Verónica Caliva and the referent of Juntos por El Cambio, Inés Liendo.

Caliva when asked said, “it is the best first decision our government could make “, and added, “It is an initiative that for a long time we want it to take place”.

The national deputy who fulfills her mandate from 2019 to 2023, made it clear that the government seeks to fight against job insecurity. “It is something we have been working on, calling for all programs to be turned into blank work, work to be registered”.

On the sidewalk in front, Inés Liendo, a referent of Together for Change and who also participated in the PASO, said that: “It’s basically what we were saying throughout the campaign. “

Liendo was very critical of the measure, “I understand that it is an electoral measure, because They are saying it after the great failure they had at the national level“, Before adding,” to transform social plans into employment, you first have to generate employment and to do so You have to make all the changes to the laws that complicate those who want to create jobs, starting with a tax reduction ”.

Liendo spoke about the campaign proposals of the ruling party, “In the campaign itself, the Kirchnerist leaders said that what had to be done was to increase taxesIf you increase taxes, you don’t really want to create jobs, you want to punish those people ”.

The referent of the opposition, sentenced: “Now They are taking a swerve because the electoral result gave them against”.

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