Vizzotti: "Last week we had a vaccination record with 2,600,000 doses applied"

The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, said today that last week “a record of 2,600,000 people” were vaccinated against the coronavirus during her tour of immunization centers, testing centers and hospitals in the city of Mar del Plata.

“Last week we had a vaccination record with 2,600,000 doses applied. We are working to speed up all the vaccines; luckily we are in very high demand, starting and completing schemes and accelerating reinforcements,” Vizzotti said in dialogue with the media present in the place.

Vizzotti, who has been touring the Atlantic Coast together with the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Matías Lammens, also expressed that “in the last 8 weeks almost 900 thousand people over 18 years of age began their vaccination scheme.”

Regarding adolescents, he maintained that “85% have one dose and 75% two doses” and in the case of those under 12 years of age “77% have one dose and 45% have two doses.”

“We are making a huge effort from the country, from the citizens to advance with care and vaccination; we have more than 85% of the population vaccinated with the first dose and almost 75% with the second, with a very important advance” , he insisted.

The minister recalled that “those at greatest risk of complications (from COVID-19) are those over 50 years of age,” but warned that work is also being done to advance the immunization of those under 18 years of age.

The head of the health portfolio referred to the importance of maintaining care and in this sense clarified that “in the emergency of the new omicron variant, we have to review the recommendations again so that we reformulate care again.”

“Since August we have changed the alert indicator to go from the number of cases to the number of hospitalizations and deaths, always seeing how the vaccination progresses,” he said.

And he stressed that thanks to vaccination “the large increase in the number of cases that exists, not only in Argentina but in the rest of the world, is not accompanied by the same proportion of hospitalizations and deaths.”

“We have always said it too, if the cases increase even slightly, the absolute numbers of hospitalizations and deaths will increase, which is what was seen yesterday: an increase in the number of deaths,” he said, referring to the 139 deaths. notified.

At that point, he stressed that “if we calculate that at the peak of the previous wave we had 40,000 cases with 700 deaths, with 130,000 cases having less than 200 deaths is totally different.”

“Thanks to the vaccine we have our hospital health system, intensive care with fewer patients,” he said, adding that “there is a lot of tension in the testing system, at the first level” of care.

Finally, he insisted on continuing with the care “so that we have as few cases as possible, of hospitalizations, of deaths and we can continue to sustain the achievements such as the economic reactivation of the country and that Argentine men and women with care can continue to enjoy this summer”. (Télam)

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