Virtual scams: more details of the raids in Bahia

A 22-year-old woman and two of her relatives – a man and a woman aged 20 and 28 – were delayed last week in our city, as part of the 5 raids that were carried out in Bahia for a series of virtual scams.

The operations, which were in charge of the Economic Crimes Directorate of the Police – expressly arrived from La Plata – took place, among other addresses, in a house on Lugones Street.

The investigation is in charge of the prosecutor Ximena Santoro, from Quilmes, and originated after the complaint of a woman from that district, in June 2020, who had had an account at the Province bank robbed, in addition to taking a loan in his name for 189 thousand pesos.

As the case proceeded, it was established that another 23 people – a total amount of 11 million pesos – had been affected by the same group of scammers, which had ramifications in Córdoba, since a raid was made in Villa Carlos Paz where, at As in Bahia, telephones and documentation were seized.

They captured the victims with the story of generating access to the Emergency Family Income (IFE). In this way they stole data and keys to home banking and withdrew money and took out loans in their names.

It is suspected that the 22-year-old could receive the ill-gotten money in a virtual wallet of Ualá, an app for managing personal finances.

In any case, it is not ruled out that it is “name” of another person.

The Province bank provided information on accounts of other beneficiaries of transfers in ATM withdrawals and various consumptions. For example, a payment of 90 thousand pesos was detected to a company in Córdoba registered in the field of truck sales.

“It is very encouraging that, for the first time, we are facing significant progress in relation to virtual scams,” said the president of Banco Provincia, Juan Cuattromo, a few days ago.

Sebastián Galmarini, director of Bapro, acknowledged that “during the pandemic, virtual scams became a problem for the financial system at a global level” because, based on the distancing measures, “all the people massively turned to operate through the digital channels and crime also moved to that area ”(La Nueva, Infobae and El Uncover).

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