Viral Challenge: Do you see the three bottles of wine without a cork? Only 3% were able to overcome it

The viral challenges are a trend in social networks. On this occasion, a visual puzzle in which it will break find each uncorked wine bottle in less than 10 seconds. To do this, you have to pay attention to every detail of the illustration.

The viral challenges they are becoming more and more popular in the networks. Thousands of users every day are interested in this kind of visual challenges to test yourself and find out how is your level of attention span and also visual and mental agility. In addition to competing against your friends and family.

This kind of riddles they have different themes. For example, there are some challenges where you have to find an object, an animal or simply see if there is an error in a certain illustration. They are also differentiated by the type of difficulty with which they were designed.

This time, in the today’s viral challenge you have to identify where the three different bottles are in the image in question. Despite what the vast majority of people consider, this is not a challenge not easy at all.

Time will also play its part in terms of difficulty. In this case, it was established that the challenge was solved in only 10 seconds, something that meant great complications for those who could not find them. Are you ready?

Challenge image

The next visual puzzle consists of power locate the three bottles that are without their corresponding cork. In that sense, a large number of these can be perceived with the naked eye, which are scattered in each sector of the image and have different colors.

To find them you have to be perceptive and make the most of the visual and mental agility. It is vital to see every detail of the image, which was designed to make a optical illusion and that the user is lost observing other things and not main objectives in this game.

In addition, being focused on the challenge, do not lose track of the time you have to solve it because they are only 10 seconds, and there are many people who still regret they have not been able to solve this viral challenge.

Challenge solution

Could you find the three bottles of wine without corks? It was easy? If you are in this part of the note, it is because you want to know if you actually managed to solve the viral rectum in the right way.

If you found each of the bottles without a cap, Congratulations! It is riddle It was one of the most difficult for some users of social networks. In fact, 97% of people fail to overcome this challenge, which went viral in several countries and was designed by Noticieros Televisa.

Lastly, if you couldn’t find them, don’t worry. In the image below you will be able to see where they were hidden. In the future there will be new viral challenges where you can have revenge and put your mental agility and your cognitive abilities.

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