Viral Challenge: Can you see where the mouse is hiding in the library? Only 2% could find it

The viral challenges are becoming more and more popular in social networks. On this occasion, a visual puzzle at the mouse that is hidden in the library must be found in less than 10 seconds. In order to solve it, you have to sharpen your eyes to see every detail in the illustration.

The viral challenges They are a trend in the networks and there are thousands of users who seek them daily for this kind of visual challenges to test yourself and also try to exercise visual and mental agility. Also, there are some who are only interested in them to challenge their friends and family.

This class cognitive games They have different themes and that is what Internet users stand out the most. There are some challenges where an item must be found, an animal or simply see if there is an error in a certain illustration. They are also differentiated by the difficulty with which they were designed.

At viral rectum from today, It should be identified where in the illustration where the little mouse that is intensely sought is camouflaged. The vast majority of people found this challenge an easy task, but few have managed to overcome it.

On this occasion, time will have a more than fundamental role in terms of difficulty. In this visual challenge, it was established that should be resolved in just 10 seconds, something that complicated many users, who still cannot understand how they did not see it before. Are you ready?

Challenge image

In this
viral rectum You will have to find the mouse hidden in the library in less than 10 seconds (Great image.Guru).

It is visual puzzle consists of power locate the place where the mouse that is in the library and that scared the woman in the image is camouflaged. At first glance you can see that there are many books and next to the librarian there is a cat that looks attentively at the worker.

To find the mouse, you have to be perceptive and make the most of your visual and mental agility. It is important to see every detail of the image, designed by Genial.Guru and not fall into the trap of optical illusion, which led many users to lose time necessary to locate the main goal.

In addition, being focused on the viral challenge, You must not lose track of the time you have to solve it because it is only 10 seconds, which meant a complication for those who could not overcome it.

Challenge solution

Could you find the little mouse that was hidden in the illustration in 10 seconds? Was it easy? If you are in this part of the note, it is because you want to know if you actually managed to solve the viral challenge in the correct way.

If you found the mouse that was hiding in the library, Congratulations! This visual challenge represented a great difficulty for many users of social networks. In fact, 98% of people failed to overcome this challenge, which went viral in several countries.

Finally, if you did not find the main target, do not be discouraged. In the image below you will be able to know where the mouse was. In the future there will be new viral challenges where you can have revenge and put your cognitive abilities to the test.

In this illustration you can find where the viral challenge was (Great image, Guru).

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