Violent robbery in La Falda: they tied up and savagely beat a married couple

Insecurity does not rest. On Saturday around noon, a couple from La Falda suffered a robbery in their home at the hands of three criminals who They acted very violently.

The thieves broke into the home taking advantage of the fact that the door was not locked. As they told The voice relatives of the victims, the 70-year-old man tried to confront the criminals.

That was when they acted with the most violence and beat both of them. The 67-year-old woman fell to the ground and They caused severe trauma to his face.

After the savage beatings, they were tied up and taken to a room. There even they used a prod to threaten them and demand that they give them money.

Thieves they managed to get 60 thousand pesos in cash And, not considering that sum sufficient, they continued with the mistreatment of their marriage.

With that loot, the criminals took the couple’s car, a Ford Focus, to escape the place. Hours later, the vehicle was found abandoned in the town of Cosquín.

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